LLF’s mission is to empower the less privileged people in Nigeria to end hardship and improve their general standard of living. While our primary focus is aimed at orphans and widows, we look to also assist dedicated underprivileged youths help them with training to acquire a skill which will enable them become financially free someday and return the favour either to a friend, family member or stranger, empowering them with a skill, vital information or financial assistance Which they could use as a start-up to better their own lives.

As a Foundation we believe that every human has a right to basic needs, food, shelter, water, electricity, health care etc. We intend to work with well-meaning people to affect lives positively, bring change and put a smile on the faces of our beneficiaries.

While we understand the challenges ahead, we have put a structure in place to achieve our desired goal by proper planning and implementation, great communication and media skills, accessing vital information and embracing technology.

Our dream is to build a ‘family’ network of successful individuals who have benefitted from this platform, see them running successful businesses or working in big organisations having the same mindset of helping the less privileged in the society. We at LLF believe that if we harness the opportunities around us, we can make a difference, change lives, and bring prosperity to the less privileged willing to work hard.

If you feel you want to be part of this vision, kindly get in touch with us via our contact us page. you can not solve the worlds problem, but you can save a life. Get in touch!

10 Year Goal:

While we intend to better the lives of the less privileged and give hope to orphans and widows we also intend to create employment within our establishment all for non profit where we draft people into production, manufacturing, logistics, education and training, Here they can use their skills to create capacity for the organisation to do more charitable works in the country.

As we impact more lives and become more successful in our endeavor’s, we will explore different avenues where we can continue to add value to society. We will not relent in our efforts in providing hope to the less privileged  and creating a sustainable structure by which more less privileged in the society can continue to benefit from this organisation.

We will train and empower dedicate and hard working youths only, because we don’t believe in hand-outs as it will only leave the beneficiaries coming back for more, rather we want to work with those who understand this is an opportunity and would utilize it to better their lives, the lives of their families, friends and those they may in turn empower after they would have had their own success.

All well meaning individuals, groups and organisations are welcome to partner with us. 

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